Here is a section with some of my recent works.

Hej Hej Stockholm

UI Design /  WebDesign


Worked on the communication  & marketing site for HejHejStockholm AB, which provides pedicab services for tours & events  while providing  an effective mobile advertising  opportunity.  The site  tries to communicate the value with with bold design and the lively pictures, while also providing a form based booking  system  for inquiry and reservations.




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Expressive Me

Expressive me is a virtual animated character whose facial expressions can be manipulated using a simple in-game GUI.  It was part of an individual project at school, where I got to work on designing a 3d avatar of myself, working on the rig for the eyes, working with blendshapes/shape keys to generate expressions in blender and designing an interactive environment in Unity.


Spray It is a gesture-based canvas where users can paint using their hands in front of a rear-projected wall.  Worked in a group of 3 as part of the school project. The goal of the project was to provide a gamified exercise experience for people suffering from shoulder problems. The game design forces the users to hold their hands in front of them inorder to paint and also select the colors from the color palette. I was responsible in the game design and developing dynamic game environment. During the course of the project, got to work with Kinect & Unity.



Gleechi's Demo

Gleechi is a first of it's kind software solution for hand animation in Virtual Reality & Games. During my work with Gleechi, I was working on designing and implementing different hand interaction modules in Unity for Gleechi's award winning software, VirtualGrasp  and also working on the game design for various in-house demo's and experiments.  During my work, I got to work with Oculus CV1, HTC Vive, Oculus Touch , Unity, Blender.


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Panda Eyes

UX Design /UI Design / Web Design


Worked on the communication site for pandaeyes, which reinvents sleeping masks with two comfortable and reusable skin adhesive eye patches. The site tries to maintain the 'panda' factor while communicating the value of the product in its early stage to it's various  target groups.




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One With Magic

Web Design


Worked with a world renowned magician, Nabeel Bera to set up a portfolio/communication website. The website follows a simplistic design while showing off Nabeel's achievements and the grandeur.


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Strikingly Theme / UI Design


Worked with strikingly template to design the event page for  Stockholm IoTweek.


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UI Design / UX Design / App Design


Worked on a design solution to improve the experience of travel between Styrmansgatan - Valdemarsudde by Light Rail as part of the Human Computer Interaction project.  The design solution consisted of a mobile and a stationary tablet application to provide an improved tourist experience.



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UI Design /  WebDesign


It was a challenging task to redesign the website for Gleechi AB, where the complex engineering solution was to be expressed in  a simple yet clear design. Gleechi aims to provide first of it's kind software solution which makes realistic interactions with objects possible in games , VR experiences , robotics and other applications.


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Padawan 101

Padawan 101 is virtual reality training ground for aspiring jedis defending laser-shooting enemies with a virtual lightsaber. This was part of as school project in a team of 5 and I was responsible for designing the environment, rigging the avatar and other game design elements.  During the course of the project, got to work with Unity , Blender , LeapMotion , Oculus DK2 , Kinect.

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Gaddr me

IA/ UX Design /UI Design


Worked on the redesign of the responsive landing pages and web portal of gaddr, an online platform for creating and discovering  identities. Worked with redesigning the interaction elements and the user flow from onboarding to  content consumption  in various elements within the service.  My responsibilities consisted of defining problems, storyboarding task scenarios, wire-framing prototypes , validating with defined persons and iterating on fast paced agile sprints while satisfying business goals and documenting the design for developer(s). Also worked on redesign of Android/iOS app (not live yet).




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Gaddr Stars

IA /UI Design


Worked on various product pages for gaddr Stars, explaining the value for various stakeholders involved. Adapting the design elements suiting the target group requirements.




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